IT Program Management

Our program management services ensure that IT solutions are integrated into the overall organizational and programmatic infrastructure for optimal improvement in performance and that IT projects are successfully managed–start-to-finish–through the fierce competition of an agency’s IT budget process.

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis and Modeling – Developing models that project the total life-cycle costs of a system or network, including both development and operations and maintenance phases.

Integrated Logistic Support – Identifying the total scope of resource support-user support, engineering and design, training, supply, maintenance, transportation, telecommunications, and facilities–that a system or network will require during its development and useful life.

Acquisition Planning and Support – Determining alternative means of acquiring a system or network; selecting the most cost-effective alternative, including options now possible through FASA 94 and FARA 96 reforms; developing plans and sources of supplies and services, including COTS and government off-the-shelf (GOTS) resources; implementing plans and monitoring system or network acquisitions.

Project Management – Defining, establishing, and monitoring project budgets and schedules for end-to-end performance; selecting milestones and review criteria consistent with the agency’s life-cycle methodology (e.g., military standard [MIL-STD-498], Evolutionary Development Methodology); linking and integrating project management approach to configuration management procedures, agency WBS standards and accounting codes, quality assurance (QA) procedures, and system and network development plans and methodologies.

Quality Assurance and IV&V – Providing a QA capability that is independent of the system or network development activities; providing an independent means of verifying and validating these development activities end-to-end.