Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Services

Integrated Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) Analytical and Technical Support;
Prescribes policies, programs and procedures for conducting logistics, maintenance, materiel readiness, strategic mobility, and sustainment support within the Army, including supply, maintenance, transportation, and supporting logistics information technology and
Maintenance management and equipment readiness reports on high visibility equipment, weapons systems and repair parts
Monitor and report on all Army logistics, maintenance, materiel readiness, strategic mobility, and sustainment support programs
Monitor and report Unit Level Munitions Visibility, Accountability and munitions logistical data
Utilize LIW database derived from SALE and STAMIS. Perform data collection utilizing ULLS-A/E, SAMS-I/E, SARSS, GCSS-Army, Standard Depot System, Commodity Command Standard System, Logistics Modernization Program, Enterprise Business System, Distribution and Storage System, and Integrated Logistics Analysis Program.

Material Management

Manage, maintain and prepare reports on Army War Reserve Stocks and storage operations, major end items maintenance, warehousing, and storage operations and management.
Monitor and maintain server based systems, system interfaces and applications and maintenance and readiness (equipping, equipment on hand and serviceability) operating systems.
Strategic planning, property accountability accounting and readiness reporting

Supply Chain Management

Inventory and distribution management, inventory management technology and services
IT chain operations, sourcing, procurement, and logistics management
Information and integration of  processes thru the Supply Chair
Manage warehouse operations
Property accountability and materiel readiness reporting
Logistics operations center management and support