IT Systems Implementation

Systems implementation services roll out the system or network investment in stages to minimize turmoil and disruption to existing business and to ensure early success and return on investment.

Facilities Design – Applying of automated tools to design facilities to house network control centers, command and control, data centers, and specialized facilities for activities, such as help desk services, computer-based training, and small computer repair and replacement.

System Deployment – Delivering the developed system to field activities, including hardware delivery and installation, training, software installation and configuration, database initialization, installation testing, and coordination of installation testing with system cut-over activities.

Network Deployment – Provisioning the designed network to all supported locations; coordinating network installation activities with system deployment activities; and testing and validating operation of installed services end-to-end.

System Cut-over and Transition – Developing the software procedures and support needed to ensure an agency’s smooth transition to a new system, including specialized training, scheduling, temporary platform or network services, and bridge software to facilitate cut-over and integrity of databases.

Training and Technology Transfer – Providing tailored training packages and approaches designed to “bootstrap” an agency’s key personnel to specific skill levels in target technologies, such as Powerbuilder, Visual BASIC, or BPwin/ERwin.

Cabling and System Installation – Designing, specifying, installing, and performing end-to-end testing of cabling and associated hardware in a facility (or group of facilities), including providing connectivity to wide area networks (WAN) and carriers, all media (twisted pair, coax, fiber, and wireless), and all applications (data, voice, and video).