IT System Operations and Maintenance

Cost-effective operations and maintenance (O&M) concepts are built in during system engineering and then delivered through our O&M services for information systems and telecommunications networks.

Facilities Management – Operating a data center or network operations facility, including staffing, security, supplies, production operation at specified service levels, and continuity of operations.

Help Desk Operations – Designing help desk services to meet specific requirements for application help, network/PC troubleshooting, COTS software help, supporting electronic mail (E-mail), voice mail, and other telecommunications services; delivering help desk services at specified service levels.

Software Asset Management – Managing the acquisition and distribution of COTS software licenses through the use of technology and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Application Software Maintenance – Modifying application software to include corrective maintenance (i.e., eliminating software errors), preventive maintenance and modifications needed to meet new user requirements or changes in underlying design; implementing version control and release management procedures integrated with overall configuration management approach.

Network Management – Installing, configuring, and employing automated tools to track network configuration; to monitor network status and performance; to detect, diagnose, and resolve network problems; and to project future network capacity requirements.