IT Strategic Planning and Management

Through our IT system management consulting services, MEDLOG Technology draws from a portfolio of integrated IT strategy capabilities and expertise to ensure that the agency’s foundation and direction in the application of IT are well-defined, efficient, and consistent with commercial and government best practices and legislation.

System Strategic Planning – Develop strategic plans with IT goals and objectives that are aligned with the agency’s mission, goals, and objectives. Provide a near-, mid-, and long-term operational approach to ensure that strategic planning initiatives are met.

IT Capital Planning and Investment Control – Apply best government and business practices to assist agencies in their efforts to design and implement an IT capital planning and investment control process that is integrated with current agency planning and budgeting processes. Use a proven methodology to help agencies make the most appropriate IT investment decisions and manage IT investments effectively.

Standards and Methodologies – Support the development of agency standards to improve the overall effectiveness of IT decision making and management, such as implementing effective risk management programs for large IT investments, establishing standard approaches to ROI, and implementing proven program management frameworks.

Performance Measurement – Assist in defining business and IT-oriented performance measurements to better manage agency mission performance, along with efficient and systematic means of making and evaluating these measurements.

IT Organization Development – Assist agency CIOs and IT organizations in their evolution and development to provide greater levels of IT service to their customers, addressing some of the human factors that are involved in optimizing IT investments.

Section 508 Compliance – Assist agencies in ensuring that their electronic and information technology is compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Provide assessment and/or remediation of existing information system and technologies, provide training to management and technical staff on how to achieve compliance, and provide outreach and support services to assist agency CIOs and IT organizations in their assessment and compliance efforts.