Advanced Technology

Our advanced technology services provide leading edge and emerging technology expertise, allowing organizations to capitalize on the latest IT advances. Our full-range of services include: technology evaluations, feasibility studies, prototyping, systems engineering and software development, installation and implementation, and life cycle support. A primary focus in this area is on Internet/intranet and web-based application development.

Technology Evaluations and Feasibility Studies – Researching and application of experience to provide recommendations and assessments in areas such as COTS evaluations and comparisons, COTS integration strategies and feasibility, technology insertion, technology upgrades, system concept feasibility, and projected return on investment for systems or technologies.

Prototyping – Applying a structured methodology to identify, evaluate, and select advanced technologies (e.g., Internet/intranet and web) to meet specific requirements; when warranted, adjusting the methodology, including prototypes and pilots to address risk.

System Engineering – Delivering integrated hardware and software solutions using proven methodologies and documented standards to ensure successful delivery of complex systems that provide interoperability with other systems, utilize existing agency architectures and standards, and support high reliability requirements.

Software Development – Translating requirements, prototypes, and system designs into specific functionality that is documented and tested (using unit, system, integration, and beta tests) to support organizational missions and processes.

Installation and Implementation – Deploying software and COTS products to centralized or geographically disparate user communities using controls, such as configuration management/configuration control and repeatable test procedures, to ensure consistent and predictable system operation

Life-Cycle Support – Applying and tailoring system development methodologies to provide controls, plans, and traceability that ensure delivery of documented, tested, and requirements-compliant systems.